Dhamaka-Khel Deewano Ka PSL 4 Official Anthem Ft. Fawad Khan Launched

Dhamaka-Khel Deewano Ka Update:

PSL 4 official anthem came out and its Fawad Khan who has taken the mic this time.

Most importantly, this is the most awaited song of the year.

Details of Dhamaka-Khel Deewano Ka

Besides that Khel Deewano Ka official anthem of PSL 4 is written by Shuja Haider.

Therefore, the song is catchy, fun, funky, lively, and everything we were expecting it to be.

Khel Deewano Ka is an upbeat track but we found it to have very little recall value.

Besides that, the song, doesn’t really click with the listeners, like the previous ones did.

We’re still humming Ab seeti bajay gi, to people’s dismay. Dhamaka-Khel Deewano Ka.

PSL Previous Anthems

Mot importantly, in all three previous seasons, PSL anthem was written, composed and sung by Ali Zafar.

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However, the singer-cum-actor miss the opportunity due to ‘jam-pack schedule.’

Ali Zafar had been the voice behind PSL’s happening anthems, including ‘Ab Khel ke Dikha’ (2016) ‘Ab Khel Jamay Ga’, (2017) ‘Dil Se Jaan Laga De’ (2018).

Because, each year, Pakistan Super League gears up with powerhouses, since the first edition. Dhamaka-Khel Deewano Ka.

The highly anticipate PSL 4 anthem was anticipate since the news of Fawad replacing Ali had broken out.

PSL 4 Ceremony

Besides that, The PSL 4 league will start from February 14th 2019 at Dubai with a colourful opening ceremony.

Most importantly, the final of the PSL 4 will conduct at the National Stadium Karachi on March 17th 2019.

Fawad’s vocals impress but the unmatch lyrics make everything else seem out of place.

Besides that, the rap by Young Desi, however, is rather interesting, catchy and fun.

Previous PSL anthems click with the listeners instantly. Dhamaka-Khel Deewano Ka.

Because, Ali Zafar surely knew what he was doing when he create the previous PSL anthems.

PSL Twiiter Tease

Pakistan Super League tease what’s in store for us on their official Twitter account with the caption:

Besides that, we are looking forward to seeing Fawad perform the anthem live at the opening ceremony of PSL 4 in the UAE.

Most importantly Fawad Kahn will perform with Young Desi, Junoon, Aima Baig, Boney M, and the international powerhouse and sensation Pitbull!

PSL 4 Official Anthem Music Video

Listen to the anthem and let us know how you liked it in the comment section below:Dhamaka-Khel Deewano Ka.

Stay tune to Mehran Post for more news and updates on PSL 4.

Main Source: Mehran Post

Sources: Oye Yeh, Brands Synario, ProPakistani, Twitter

Image Source: You Tube

Video Source: You Tube

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