Indecorous-Vulgar Content PEMRA Update:

The Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) advise television channels to observe decency in their TV Dramas.

Therefore, the PEMRA issue advisce on Tuesday the 08th January 2019 asking them to not air dramas with vulgar content.

Details of Indecorous-Vulgar Content PEMRA

Most importantly, according to PEMRA the vulgar content includes, controversial themes, indecent clo­thing and gestures.

Besides that it also includes controversial plots (involving infidelity and extramarital affairs, etc) and unnecessary details of events.

According to PEMRA advice, cuch TV Dramas are not only distressing for viewers but is also against the commonly accepts standards of decency.

Most importantly, PEMRA has been receiving massive public complaints on Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP). Indecorous-Vulgar Content PEMRA.

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Besides that, PEMRA Complaints Call Center and Feedback System as well as through social media and Whatsapp.

PEMRA Warning to TV Channels

Therefore, PEMRA also advise the TV channels to ensure compliance of PEMRA laws and the Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015 or face.

Because, in case of any violation, the authority warn to take legal action against the TV channels. Indecorous-Vulgar Content PEMRA.

Earlier on Monday the 07th January 2019, PEMRA also ban a reality show ‘Naked and Afraid’ on Discovery channel for showing vulgar and obscene content.

Most importantly, this is not the first time PEMRA objects to recent TV Dramas air on Pakistani channels.

In September 2018 last year, the authority issue a similar advisory notice to all the TV channels. Indecorous-Vulgar Content PEMRA.

TV Dramas Don’t Shows The Real Face of Pakistan

Because, Pakistani TV Dramas do not depict the real face of the society.

According to the PEMRA advise, that Pakistani TV Dramas destroys the beliefs about divo­rce and halala.

Because, due to weak plots/storylines, creating confusion among viewers about religious principles. Indecorous-Vulgar Content PEMRA.

The PEMRA also advises the channels to come out of stereotypical ideas of TV Dramas.

Because, majority of the scripts of re­­­­­volve around women, having the same story pick, plot or purpose and dramas depict unoriginal image of women.

The PEMRA express that exploitation and violence in the society should not be shown in Pakistan in an ‘ADVICE’ notice.

Main Source: Mehran Post

Sources: DAWN, The Express Tribune, ProPakistani

Image Sources: The Express Tribune, Via Satellite, DAWN

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