Precarious-Calpol Childhood Heroin Doctors Warned To Parents

Precarious-Calpol Childhood Heroin Update:

Calpol Syrup is one of the most common medicines given to children.

Most importantly, Pakistani parents deem this medicine in fever and pain.

Because this is an answer to almost every child issue. Precarious-Calpol Childhood Heroin.

Therefore Calpol Syrup is not safe at all.

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A doctor warns that kids are being given so much Calpol that they calls it ‘the heroin of childhood’.

Besides that an estimate reports indicates that the use of this paracetamol-base suspension increases thrice than its use 40 years ago.

Most importantly, Johnson & Johnson introduce Calpol Syrup for kids 45 years ago. Precarious-Calpol Childhood Heroin.

Details of Precarious-Calpol Childhood Heroin

The BBC documentary call The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs feature new dad and TV doctor Chris van Tulleken.

Therefore, Chris reckons that parents are giving kids so much Calpol Syrup.

Because, parents are misinform about what they should be giving their children for their various ailments.

Most importantly, the medicine’s official website says it can use to reduce fever. Precarious-Calpol Childhood Heroin.

But usually, Calpol Syrup is the answer to almost every health-relate issue a kid comes across.

Chris interview his own doctor, Dr Marlow, who say:

“We have children almost addict to paracetamol, to Calpol Syrup. Not the drug itself, but the process. Some describe it as ‘the heroin of childhood’.”

Besides that, Dr. Van Tulleken resent that the parents are misinform regarding their children’s health.

Therefore, according to Dr. Van Tulleken It makes him feel very angry.
Precarious-Calpol Childhood Heroin.

Most importantly, it’s not necessary in most of the instances parents talking about. Doctors need to get the facts out there.

Besides that, the manufacturer of Calpol Syrup, Johnson & Johnson refutes that the information they provides is inadequate.

Most importantly, according to the experts at Edinburgh University expose that paracetamol, which is the active ingredient of Calpol, can be detrimental to the liver.

Therefore, if parents give Calpol Syrup to their children frequently than it also holds more side-effects relates to emotions and immunity.

Sources: ProPakistani, Lad Bible

Image Sources: Chemist Direct, Independent

Video Source: YouTube

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