Brassy-PTCL Broadband 2019 Packages Revised From 8Mbps to 250 Mbps

Brassy-PTCL Broadband 2019 Packages Update:

Although mobile Internet data is surpassing WiFi connections in usage.

Therefore, you cannot download Full HD movies or binge watch your favorite shows via mobile Internet due to limited data.

Most importantly, broadband providers leverage the fact and offer a number of unlimited offers.

PTCL is the largest landline and data service provider in the country.
Brassy-PTCL Broadband 2019 Packages.

Besides that, PTCL offers a number of broadband Internet packages ranging from 4Mbps to 250Mbps.

Details of Brassy-PTCL Broadband 2019 Packages

Most importantly, if you are the existing customer of PTCL Broadband Internet or thinking of a new connection.

Therefore, this time, PTCL has come up with the revised rates on its different packages.

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Here are PTCL’s Internet packages for ADSL/VDSL and GPON.

*Freedom Unlimited Package until some other package is opted.

Besides that, other free add-ons include:

  • Free Smart TV App
  • Free Smart Link App
  • Free VAS Bundle

Because, it is important to know for our readers that the Internet speed for ADSL is up to 20Mbps.

50 Mbps on VDSL, and 250 Mbps on GPON (Fiber). Brassy-PTCL Broadband 2019 Packages.

Installation Charges

Because charges for availing a new Internet connection with existing Landline include Rs.2,499 (Tax included).

Therefore, charges for installation of landline and internet i.e. Double Play or that of landline, internet, and smart TV include Rs.5000 with tax.


Most importantly, charges for installation of New Fiber to the Home (GPON) connection are advance Rs.15,000.

Charges of conversion from Existing Copper connection to GPON are: PKR. 7,500/- upfront. Brassy-PTCL Broadband 2019 Packages.

About PTCL

PTCL has the widest network when it comes to the landline phone and providing Internet services in Pakistan.

Therefore, PTCL covers more than 2000 cities and towns nationwide for its various products.

Hence the products of PTCL are Broadband, Vfone, EVO devices and Charji devices.

In recent times PTCL has taken keen interest in spreading its Fiber Optic network across the country. Brassy-PTCL Broadband 2019 Packages.

Because Fiber Optic network results in powerful Internet reception and claim to have Speed ranging between 8Mbps to 100Mbps.

Sources: ProPakistani, Phone Smart, Cells.PK

Image Sources: Cells.PK, ProPakistani, Phone Smart

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