Tabdeeli-National Job Portal For Certified Skilled Youth to Launch

Tabdeeli-National Job Portal Update:

The government of Pakistan is going to introduce the National Job Portal.

Most importantly this job portal will connect the Skill Youth of Pakistan with potential employers.

Detail of Tabdeeli-National Job Portal

Therefore, the portal will launch under Prime Minister Youth Development Program. Tabdeeli-National Job Portal.

Besides that, national job portal will also include a mobile app for Skill Youth.

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For this purpose Usman Dar, PM’s Special Assistant on Youth Affairs gave a briefing on the proposition on Wednesday the 12th December 2018.

Therefore, national job portal will serve as a one-stop data bank for employment.

Besides that, it will also act like a bridge the void between demand and supply sides.

Most importantly, Usman Dar term the national job portal “revolutionary.”
Tabdeeli-National Job Portal.

Therefore, he said that this initiative will greatly help the Skill Youth of Pakistan and also the employers.

Because, it is unclear as to when the government is going to launch this portal.

Besides that, it expect to be roll out with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Youth Policy.

Therefore, this policy will announce later this month or might by January 2019. Tabdeeli-National Job Portal.

Most importantly, there are several independent portals of such kind.

Therefore, this portal would be the first data-bank for Skill Youth under the supervision of the federal government.

Besides that, on demand side, the portal would link all major local and international job providers.

Therefore, on supply side, it would collect data of all certified professionals and graduates of technical and vocational training institutes.

Besides that, national job portal mobile app would be a GPS-based platform for hiring the services of certified Skill Youth workforce.

Therefore, electrician, plumber, wielder, carpenter, AC technician, will benefit from this portal.

About Prime Minister Youth Development Program

Prime Minister’s Youth Program is a revolutionary program for the socio-economic development of youth.

Besides that, this Skill Youth program will help in soaring unemployment in the country.

Most importantly, it has a broad canvas of schemes. Tabdeeli-National Job Portal.

Because these schemes will aim enabling youth and poor segments of population to: Get good employment, opportunities, Secure economic empowerment.

Main Source: Mehran Post

Sources: ProPakistani, Brain Wala, Times of Islamabad, Overseas Pakistani Friends, Prime Minister Youth Programme

Image Source: The Nation, Medium

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