Fantabulous-Careem Wedding Buggy Rides Service Starts in Pakistani Punjab

Fantabulous-Careem Wedding Buggy Update:

After cars, bikes and even boats, the ride-hailing service Careem is now offering buggy Rides Service as the wedding season is at peak.

Most importantly, in a statement, the UAE-base company say it will launch this service from Wednesday the 05th December 2018. 

Details of Fantabulous-Careem Wedding Buggy Rides

Besides that, initially this Buggy Rides Service of Careem starts in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Sargodha.

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Therefore, according to the statement, Careem users would have to book their ride at least 24 hours before the event. Fantabulous-Careem Wedding Buggy.

Most importantly, the charges for each Rides Service are kept at Rs. 6,000 for 6 hours.

Because, in our opinion it is a quite reasonable rate. Fantabulous-Careem Wedding Buggy.

Therefore, if you are a resident of any of the mention above cities, you can log into your Careem App and book the buggy Rides Service for your love ones.

Careem Bus Service

Besides that we would like to inform you that just a few days earlier Careem’s CEO Mudassir Sheikha had announced to launch Careem Bus Rides Service in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Most importantly, he put forth this expression while introducing a comparative administration in Cairo, Egypt on Monday th 3rd December 2018. Fantabulous-Careem Wedding Buggy.

Therefore, his statement was, however, refute by Careem Pakistan saying that the company had no such plans for Bus Rides Service in the near future.

About Careem

Careem is a transportation network company based in Dubai.

Besides that, Careem operations are in over 100 cities in 14 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

Besides that, the company is value at around $1.2 billion as of 2017.

Most importantly, Careem was co-founded by Mudassir Sheikha and Magnus Olsson.

Because, both worke as management consultants at McKinsey & Company. Fantabulous-Careem Wedding Buggy.

Therefore, it start operation in July 2012 as a website-base Rides Service for corporate car bookings.

Therefore, it evolve to become a transportation network company with car hire for everyday use.

Besides that, In Pakistan, Careem employs women drivers, and 30 percent of its riders are women.

Most importantly, Careem Offers suitable Rides Service in Pakistan. Fantabulous-Careem Wedding Buggy.

Main Source: Mehran Post

Sources: Daily Pakistan Global, ProPakistani, Insight Trending

Image Sources: YouTube, Daily Pakistan Global

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