Perception-CJP Purposes Dam Fund Tax on Mobile Phone Prepaid Cards in Pakistan

Perception-CJP Purposes Dam Fund Tax Update:

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar proposes reintroduction of tax on prepaid Mobile Phone Prepaid Cards.

Because this is an effort to raise funds for the Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand dams.

Details of Perception-CJP Purposes Dam Fund Tax

He was speaking at a fundraiser host by UK Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in London. Perception-CJP Purposes Dam Fund Tax.

Besides that, CJP says he was against the idea of imposing any additional tax on the nation to collect funds for the construction of Diamir-Bhasha dam.

Therefore, he, however, put forward a suggestion to re-impose the tax on
Mobile Phone Prepaid Cards.

Most importantly, the income generates through this, would go to the dam fund every month.

Therefore, according to CJP, it will not be appropriate to impose taxes to collect funds for the construction of dams.

However, Supreme Court had earlier suspend the withholding tax on the top-up of Mobile Phone Prepaid Cards by cellphone service providers.

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Because Supreme Court learnt hat through this Rs. 3 billion were save per month. Perception-CJP Purposes Dam Fund Tax.

Besides that, CJP told that, if the nation allows, we will re-impose the tax on the Mobile Phone Prepaid Cards and collect money for the dam fund.

CJP Message to Nation

Most importantly, Justice Nisar urge the nation to put forth their viewpoints on his proposal.

Therefore, he told that, the nation should apprise us of their thoughts on this proposal.

Besides that, he said that failure to construct uncontroversial dams in the country was a criminal negligence.

CJP on Water Mafia of Karachi

Most importantly, CJP lambast the water mafia in Karachi and said it was the metropolis’ water issue that made him realize how worse the situation has gone in Karachi.

He adds that, a dam needs to construct on every inch of Indus River. 
Perception-CJP Purposes Dam Fund Tax.

Most importantly, chief justice told that water is a hope of life for our coming generations.

Therefore, we have to take steps to save water from waste.

He express hope that one day all four provinces will be in agreement over the construction of Kalabagh Dam.

Besides that, he also pledge to make good use of every penny the nation has entrust to him for dam funds even after his retirement.

Because, these funds are a loan from the nation and CJP will hand them over to a trustworthy man before leaving. Perception-CJP Purposes Dam Fund Tax.

Main Source: Mehran Post

Sources: The Express Tribune, ProPakistani, The Nation

Image Sources: QMobile Prices, Global Space Village

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